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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My week...

Ah, just got back from Meg's wedding in Chicago - AWESOME!
What a great wedding, with great people, and lots of fun.
Megan said at one point Friday night that she thought she was turning into Bridezilla but it never happened. She was just herself - I love Megan :0) I am so happy that she and Matt have each other. I believe they were truly meant to be.

As I was coming home, though, I still kept thinking about how much I missed being at and IN Rachel's wedding. Then, of all people, we ran into her husband, Dave, who was coming home to see her! How crazy is that?

Then today, I cleaned all day, bought stuff for my trip this week, and cleaned some more (my Martha-Stewart-Aunt-in-law is coming up from Florida, and I won't be here!). Yup. She's the most amazingly talented woman with the most amazing house... and she's coming to mine! Yikes! She's very gracious, though, (as is her sister, my mother-in-law, the best EVER). I try hard with my house - especially lately - but I'm no Martha Stewart.

I'm looking forward to this week - and especially hoping to see Wicked. I love NYC - but I haven't been there since before 2001.

Finished a great book today, The Secret Life of Bees. People have been recommending it for awhile, and it's been on my list, but I just hadn't picked it up yet. Then, at our hotel in Chicago, (we stayed at a Country Inn & Suites) I saw a whole table of that particular book. I guess they have a program that lets you pick up books & return it on your next visit, or just drop it off at one by your house. So I took it & couldn't put it down.

Okay, so it's late, and I'm rambling. Time for bed. Well, finish laundry finish packing, and then bed.



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