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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

genoa city

when i was sick in junior high/high school and stayed at home, i spent all day on the couch, usually reading, and often watching the lives of the "young and the restless" as they played out in genoa city from 12:30-1:30 p.m. my mom was a closet fan...(sorry for outing you, Mom!)

the funny thing about genoa city is that most of the players are the same. sure, they've had about 50 marital affairs between them, 15+ children added, and progressing in age tv-fast. there's always a murder here or there, or some dramatic work situation. the funny thing is, you can not watch it for years (or at least months) and you can catch up on most of the drama by the time 1:26 p.m. rolls around.

i could have gone to work today, but this morning was feeling awful when i first got up. plus, Mike caught this bug from his co-workers & gave it to me, and if i would have gone in today, i was afraid my co-workers would have gotten ill. no thanks... don't want to be the office dragon. so i slept (off & on) till 11-ish, watched y&r, did my civic duty & voted, and spent the rest of my day on the couch, solving "pogo" crossword puzzles (thanks, Dawn!), and loading up on advil allergy & sinus (the kind you now have to purchase behind the counter) and bottles of dasani.

and now... i'm stir crazy, feeling good, and looking forward to work tomorrow.

how sick is that? :)


Blogger dawn said...

Soaps are funny that way, aren't they? I used to be a huge Days of our Lives fan. I haven't watched Days regularly in years, but when I do see it, I'm caught up with the story lines quickly.

Did I tell you about the other crossword puzzle site I go to? It's on one of the local Chi-town papers' website:

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

3:06 PM  
Blogger Megs said...

OH you guys have got me SOO hooked on cross words!

Odd how the same thing takes place on All My Children, too! I swear I've been watching it pre-natally, and when I was spending my days doing lots of couch riding last year, it was one of the things that made me even more nauseous. How do you get in on the soap writing gig anyway-- it can't be that hard!

3:39 PM  

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