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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yes, yes, bad blogger!

Hi, all. Sorry for being a bad blogger lately - and as it's a very busy fall (is there any other kind?) I can't promise to get much better lately!

These days I'm involved in far too many things, one of the most exciting of which is being one of four leaders for a new org at Malone called "Be:justice" in which we teach students and learn about important social justice issues. Since learning about Nhu's story (see 'Remember Nhu' link on right), I have been made aware of the despicable issue of human trafficking, and feel that God is allowing me more and more opportunities to raise awareness about it. This morning there was an inspiring op-ed in the New York Times about trafficking by Nicholas Kristof about a survivor who is now a crusader. You can read the article here:

And you can write to Senators Brownback and Biden to ask them to STOP blocking legislation against traffickers here:

Thanks :)

And now, for Dominic pics... I would never disappoint!
The boy is growing, growing, growing and learning, learning, learning. He's also in a lot of pain lately, as he's getting FOUR TOP TEETH AT ONCE! Poor boy!
He's cracking us up by saying "No" in the proper context ("Say Dada" "Can you please take a drink of your milk?" "Come here, please") even though we don't think he necessarily knows what he's saying. He's also shaking his head, just for fun, waving on command, and I'm dragging him away from the television (he wants to play with the characters) about 30 times a day!


Blogger Aunt Cindy said...

I tell you Amber, he is just adorable. He just looks so grown in every pic I see. Wonder how your sis is doing about now?(Sun.7:00p.m.)

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's so adorable!!!! he's grown so fast.


10:31 PM  

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