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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Next June...

I AM going to Ukraine next June, prob'ly in the next two weeks, with a group of students from Malone and (most of?) the Reiman family. We'll be working with older kids from one of the orphanages there... and are planning lots of fun stuff such as really rough camping trips & overnighters & stuff. I wasn't planning on going again, but, well, that's life, eh?

So even though I was hoping for life to calm down a little - it'll get even crazier. But I think I must thrive on that or something.

Sarah's shower is next weekend... should be fun!

Oh, and Meg, I am loving "Plan B!"


Blogger Megs said...

Hey -- Plan B is a great book. I was reading something lately that said something like; Ira Glass of this American Life recently asked an audience of adults how many of them were on their Plan B. They laughed, and many responded that they were on Plan F or Z by now.' Isn't that life- Plan A is great if life, fate, God, etc. . dosen't move you on to the next plan.

Love the Blog- I hope that Ukrane, and the process of getting there, is just as powerful for you the second time round.

much love- Megan

9:28 PM  

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