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Monday, January 23, 2006


A few weeks ago, I spent hours and hours cleaning out my office.

Wow. A LOT of stuff piles up in five years.
I threw away old programs. Old brochures. Magazines that I'd never looked at. Enough post-it notes to wallpaper my dining room. In the end, I threw away at least five garbage cans worth of stuff. And that was just my office!

I tend to be a pack-mule (I can't stand rodents--even to use the thought figuratively makes me shudder, and mule works here, too, because I can be stubborn about actually taking the time to do it). Stuff piles up. And sometimes I have trouble letting go.

I have trouble organizing life in general sometimes. What are things that I should hold on to? What are things I should let go of? What do I want IN my life? What do I want OUT of my life? What are my priorities?

I think one of the most practical things I'm working on is trying to be better in terms of how I treat my body, literally, in terms of diet & exercise. I can play the dieting game for a while, but I need help! I've enlisted family members to keep me
honest this time, and we're all doing a little plan, so hopefully this will work :0)


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