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Sunday, December 31, 2006

better than bows

"I hope we have a kid by next Christmas," Mike said to me on Monday. "I think it would restore some of the magic of Christmas."

I'm not sure if he's just saying that because one of his best friends & their kids are at Disney for Christmas, or if he really is ready for diapers and bottles and crying... and smiles and giggles and first steps and snuggling and being someone's whole world for a while.

We got each other everything we requested - and then some - but I think we're both at the point that we are ready for the next step. Not that we're not very happy now - we are - and having a baby isn't an obsession with us, we just think we're ready. More than ready :0)

We'll see what the year brings, right? I mean... who knows. So much can happen in a year.

Right now, I'm studying about hope... as in expectant, active, confident waiting hope.

I guess that's what Advent is all about, right? Waiting, expectantly, for the magic of Christmas - that Christ came and was here and is coming again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's so true.
christmas right now is fun, but having children around (mom said) DOES restore the magic of Christmas!

I'm praying that this year will be an exciting one for you both. I just know something reeeeally special will happen.

Happy New Year!:)


8:05 AM  

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