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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Okay, so sorry fam, for those of you who check this blog every day (?) to see that the last time I posted was October 2. Sorry!

Life has been a little - okay a lot - nuts lately - especially these past few weeks - and this upcoming week, I think there is something happening every single night. That would be why I'm updating this blog at 11:31, I guess.

As a fun note, Dominic enjoyed snowflakes today as we rushed from the car to church (I was late, of course, so I had to park at the library down the street... he got to experience quite a lot of them!). The last time it was snowing, he was, of course, being toted around in his little cocoon carrier, snuggled beneath lots of layers. So he was very curious about them, and tasted a few. He was behaved himself for most of the service, but decided he'd had enough in the last few minutes. So he wriggled out of my arms and crawled underneath the pew (I sit in the back row) and off he went! Of course, I was right behind him, and he was off to play with the other toddlers.

I think most of you have seen Dom's birthday photos - but if not, here's a link:, and of course, there's one on this post.


Anonymous mom said...

Looks like the Jolly Green Sprout. He's so cute. looks so happy with himself. I love him, can't wait to hold him again.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss him. I love his pictures.
Awww yeah, today even in nc, it was snowing. That was in a few towns over. But when I looked out the window it was hailing here for about 5 minutes.

3:53 PM  

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