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Monday, February 27, 2006

what dreams may come

so... informal survey here.

Do dreams mean anything?

Last night, right before I turned off the light, I read an article ( stating that dreams mean that your body/life/subconscience/whatever are trying to tell you something. Then I had the most bizarre dream...

And I'm just wondering if anyone's ever had a dream that actually did mean something?


Blogger Heather said...

I rarely dream, but when I do, it's usually a combination of things that I've talked about during the day or that week. Either that or I'm stressed/concerned about something and it manifests itself in my dreams. I've never had a weird dream that actually came true or really "meant" something, though.

9:30 AM  
Blogger  said...

mE TOO:)

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mostly, I think that dreams are simply our subconscious unwinding, letting down after a long day, taking a deep breath and letting it flow out in a mixture of images.

BUT… God HAS used dreams in the past, as illustrated in scripture… and God is still God… so I believe God still can speak in dreams. When God does that, I think they will have a decidedly different tone from our normal dreams, and I believe they will rarely be anxiety-producing. I mean, God doesn’t produce anxiety in us when speaking to us while awake, so why would that change when asleep?

I believe some people experience dreams as a regular conduit for God’s voice. It is part of their psychological make-up that God takes advantage of in order to have a clear avenue for dialogue. Most of us though, are not wired that way, and so when God speaks using a dream, I think we know it… or at the least, are highly suspicious. (Balaam was a prophet who regularly heard God’s voice, and maybe was being a bit dismissive, but when God spoke to him in an unusual way for him, through his donkey, Balaam had NO QUESTION!)

So, I think we should be open to it, and we should be in the practice of “weighing” our dreams. Did this one have special impact? Does it feel different than others? Does it speak to something I’ve been praying about? Does it lead me in directions that are consistent with God’s kingdom values? If I pray about it while awake, does it seem to be confirmed by God’s normal patterns of communicating to me? If I’m suspicious it might be God, and take the first step in responding to it as such, do I continue to feel God’s presence and experience the fruits of the Spirit?

These are things I do.. not just with dreams, but with other things that might be God’s voice. I’ve had two God-inspired dreams in my life that I’m aware of. And within the next day or so, I KNEW it had been God.

Just my thoughts.


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