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Monday, March 06, 2006

my weekend

What I did this weekend:

Friday night:
* work

* Coffee with Becky at Arabica (yay!) Awesome conversation--and now several more books to add to my reading list!
* A really cool baby shower for an aquaintance/friend who adopted a baby from Russia. Very cool. K is a beautiful, precious, 18-month-old who seems to be adjusting very well and LOVES her new Daddy. This girl seriously is going to have a bright future ahead of her... makes me want to adopt NOW. God bless M & J!
* Went to BJs to buy lots of Tide. And a pretzel. Exciting, huh?
* Talked to Rachel, Allissa, and Meg,and Mom on the phone. Good times. Except, sad, too, because Rach called to say a friend of ours' Dad is dying of cancer; and Allissa is having some challenging health issues. Prayers for both would be appreciated!
*Cleaned our spare bedroom to prepare for carpet.
*journaled & read past entries
*more work.
*Dinner with J & M & E-lo. Good food, good times :0)
*Bed, readings, missing Mike, who was in Columbus.

*Alarm went off very early, didn't reset it right, so woke up 10 minutes after church started :0( Very, very sad, but did some great reading.
*Cleaned rest of spare room, dining room, kitchen
*Yay--Mike got home from Columbus!
*Went to ElRincon for lunch
*Talked to Mom on the phone
*Re-painted the dining room ceiling
*Taped hallway to prep for painting
*Touched up the trim on the dining room
*Beck stopped by to drop off a catalogue. Fun :0)
*Went to Muggswicz, where I had an awesome cafe mocha & met friends & saw people from church
*Went to the store to pick up: two paint brushes, a picture frame & mat, a valiance, three light covers, and some extra rollers
*Picked up ice cream for Mike at Taggart's
*Pulled staples out of the hallway steps
*Swept & mopped hallway steps

Okay, time for work tomorrow. In just a few hours.

Weekend notes to self:
*Reaquaint myself with the term "Sabbath." Soon. Very soon!
*Go to Arabica more. They are all about free trade.
*One house project leads to many, many, many more house projects. Remember that!

Note to Meg & Dawn: can't WAIT to see you on Thursday/this weekend :0)


Blogger Andrew said...

Sounds like a busy busy weekend-
Have a safe and FUN trip to Chicago!

11:42 AM  
Blogger dawn said...

Amber, I am SO looking forward to seeing you again! Sounds like you were having one of my crazy spicy weekends... try to rest up since we are going to have fun fun fun this weekend!!

Dawn =)

9:20 PM  
Blogger  said...

finally!!!!!!!! I've been able to make an appointment with a dr's office that actually makes me feel like I'm not an inconvienience. The absolute earliest they can get me in is next monday at 8:45 am. THANK THE LORD! I've been in really bad pain every single day. They said that I really need to be seen and didn't just brush me off. They are allllllll booked for this entire week. They must be a really good office. My friend Billie Jo has been going to them for a while, and was really pleased. It may possibly be Ovarian Cysts. I've been doing some research and I have every single symptom listed. Except for rapid breathing. It could possibly be that. I love you Amber. I'm going to go pick up mom and take her to the beach. I miss you so much.

12:59 PM  

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