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Friday, June 02, 2006


About a month ago, my heart ached when I read the story of the five members of the Taylor University community that lost their lives in a crash. Working at a small, close-knit Christian college and having been to Taylor numerous times (my boss worked there & graduated from there), things like that so deeply affect communities like that.

And yesterday, it took my breath away when I learned about the tragic mix-up of identities.

I found the VanRyn's blogspot yesterday. It, too, is breathtaking - their faith, their hope, their sorrow... it's overpowering. If you haven't found it or heard their story yet, please visit this site and be praying for the families and especially for Whitney, who was "resurrected" like Lazarus in the eyes of her family. What amazing hope we have in The Resurrection that will come for all of us eternally some day.

I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing community of believers. Thanks for all of your prayers for my upcoming trip. You'll hear from me while I'm there...


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