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Thursday, January 25, 2007

really brave or really stupid

I did something this week that was either really brave or really stupid.

I joined the f/s intramural basketball team.

And then I told my husband about it. (That was really stupid, but the games are generally in late evenings: anywhere from 8 to 11.)

So tonight, at our first game [oddly enough I know all my other teammates, and my other teammates know me, but no one else knew each other and no practice - just straight up game time] my husband decided to bring his good camera. Well, he threatened the video camera, but I pulled out the "If you love me, you won't" card.

And though I was terrified of humiliating myself, I only embarrassed myself at a level of oh, say, 5, (on a scale of 10) and rather than the 15 that I had feared.

And I scored a basket!

But I also fouled three people. So does that cancel each other out?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's awesome:)
I'm so proud


2:24 PM  

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