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Thursday, February 01, 2007

tiny stumblin' steps

so i'm quitting my weekend job.

i know, i know. i've done it about eight times before. but...ninth time is a charm, right? kinda like a nine lives thing or something.

well, I know. i shoulda done it a long time ago. so why didn't i?

see, the thing is, i keep myself so busy with stuff, that i'm not so sure what to do with down time. i have to fill that time with something whatever it is. even the time i don't have, i fill with something (volunteering, freelancing, you-name-it). literally, the only weekends i have taken off in the past, oh, several years, was when i had obligations at my other job or something specific, like a party or a wedding or something.

sick, i know.

and that's just the point... working so much has made me sort of...sick. like it takes my body longer to get rid of illnesses. and i'm burned out. seriously.burned.out.

yet this week, all i've thought about is what i'm going to start doing with my weekends. (and, i must admit, what i'm going to do without the extra cash that i've gotten used to.)

so, folks, if you're free on a weekend, give me a call. oh, wait, there i go, filling up all my time again.

but seriously, give me a call.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

....i'm wondering how quickly it's going to take to find a new job as well..but i want it to be something that i will STICK WITH. something that will be interesting...
i'm wondering what we'll do w/ out the xtra $$$ for a little bit too:(
Today is my last day.

a gloomy,boring yet oddly busy day as well.


9:39 AM  

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