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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

random ramblings

Yesterday I had yet another doctor's appointment. It was a basic appointment, except that they tested my blood for diabetes (which I don't have, thankfully) and unbeknownst to me, iron (which was low, so I have to start a prescription for the rest of the pregnancy... no big deal except that it might make me sicker - yuck!).

It's interesting... since my preteen years, I've constantly battled a love-hate relationship with my body. (I 'over-developed' very early, and have struggled with my weight ever since). But even I have to admit that I'm mostly fascinated with what is happening these days - that there's an actual living being inside of the area of my body that has for so long been an 'enemy'! Though it is a little disconcerting & scary to think of how he's going to get outta here - just ask my ornery nieces who learned way too much at COSI!


Orientation starts tomorrow - classes start Monday! I can't believe how quickly this summer has flown! And I think this fall will go so fast that next time I blink, Dominic will be here and life, as I previously experienced it, will be forever different!


Blogger Aunt Cindy said...

You are right. Life as you have known it will be forever lost in the Abyss. Do you eat beef liver? It is high in iron(or so they say).I am glad you do not have gestational diabetes.
Yes the summer did fly by fast. We are getting ready for our fall program, starts August 27. It keeps me busy and off the streets.
Love you, Aunt Cindy

7:49 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

your stories about your nieces crack me up!! Glad things are going good! Can't wait to see Dominic!! It was good to see you when I was home!

11:29 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Take Carbonyl (I think that's how it's spelled, if I remember right) Iron. It's a more soluable iron supplement that is less irritating to the stomach. Trust me, I use to take high doses of it every day for a year and I never felt sick. I found it at CVS, but you can probably get it at any pharmacy.

11:33 AM  

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