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Thursday, April 05, 2007


The other day, my co-worker & I (we do a bit of team-freelancing) were in a meeting with a client. He was asking us how soon he would need to give us info for a new project he wanted us to do, and I gave him a timeline - it's a lengthy project - and told him why I would need it to be turned in by then. My business partner is also pregnant - actually several months further along than I am.

So our client - after congratulating us of course, shared with us that a woman in his office had recently announced her pregnancy, and, as the grandfather of more than a dozen kids, said that the running family joke is that the baby eats the mom's brain - it's all that the mom can talk about from the moment she sees the dark purple line to, well, at least the next, well, 18 years. It's all-consuming.

I can see how that can happen. I mean, it's on my mind pretty much every second. Partly because I feel evidence of being pregnant pretty much every second. And of course, Mike & I love this kid already.

The fact is, that I'm pretty sure a kid will change everything about my life. And in so many ways I welcome that. I've wanted this for at least a few years.

But in other ways, there are still ways I want to change the world myself. Of course that means instilling godly values into my child. But I believe God has work left for me to do... in fact, am I not just beginning?

So how do I balance all of this? How do I still grow into me while I'm someone's mom? This adjustment feels sooooo big. And again - of course - I welcome it and couldn't be happier. It just feels pretty overwhelming right now. Am I totally overanalyzing this? Is it possible to overanalyze this?


today was my first "official" prenatal visit. Everything is perfectly "normal" and I am officially 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant. They count the weeks by Sundays, and my original due date is November 18.

We saw two nurse practitioners today, and they were very nice to us and excited for us. Mike's coworker had one of our NPs all through her pregnancy and said she was fabulous.

So the journey begins. Or continues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so excited!!!!!!!!

At Wings, I was checking out the onesies and other baby clothing and toys......
I want to buy ALL of them!
and send them to you!

love, Aunt Liss :D

12:58 PM  

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