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Monday, September 03, 2007

shopping trip!

We spent labor day laboring in a fun way - shopping!

We went to an outlet mall, where I bought my husband new pants (we had a dryer incidence after Michael left a sharpie in his pocket & we didn't discover it until too late. Actually - he didn't discover it himself - he figured it out when judges laughed him out of the courthouse. It was a bad day!) And I bought a few maternity pieces for Fall. Gotta love the labor day sales!

We then went to Giant Eagle, where we purchased nearly enough gift certificates to Babies R Us to purchase an entire tank of free gas. At Babies R Us --- we bought our crib furniture! Below are photos, just not in the correct colors.

They didn't have a photo of it in black, but the crib we bought is in black, which will look great in our nursery.

Our changing table is also black, but this is the one.

Now we just need a dresser & a recliner or chair & ottoman, but I'll be searching craigslist or garage sales for those.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

L.O.V.E black.....

those are beautiful!!!!!!!!

POOR MIKE! I would have died...i'm sure he did:(:(

love Liss

7:36 AM  

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