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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Juror 118

I take my civic duties seriously.

I vote in every election, regardless of how many issues appear on the ballot.

I educate myself on the issues, discuss them with my husband, and we tell each other how to vote. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't.

The people at the polling place know us, and laugh at us. If Mike gets there before I do, they ask him where his wife is. If I get there before he does, they ask when he's going to be in.

But when I received an honest-to-goodness "Summons to Jury Duty" yesterday, I was at a loss. I think it would be great fun to sit on a jury, especially if something exciting was taking place.

But alas, the date for my summons is November 13-November 16. And my due date is, well, according to the doctors, November 18... according to the ultrasound, November 16. I've tried pretty hard throughout this pregnancy to keep a high energy level & not use my pregnancy as an excuse for anything, yet I think this time maybe I should. As Dominic could come any time that week (if he isn't already here by then) and since you're required to call every night to see if you're supposed to serve the next day, well, I don't want to be calling from the delivery room!

I called the SCWC this morning, requesting advice... the nurse laughed heartily and told me that she'd have a doctor write a letter suggesting that perhaps I could serve my civic duty some other time.


Blogger Aunt Cindy said...

Amber, I wrote an e-mail and sent it, I think instead of a post. I did answer it though. Someday I won't be so computer illiterate.

5:41 PM  

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