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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When I worked as a reporter for newspapers, I loved my job.
It was so great to always be meeting new people, to hear new stories, to learn new perspectives, to see the world in a slightly different way.
And these days, I'm thinking that maybe I missed my calling & should've been a political reporter - I feel as though I am truly able to see things from many perspectives. The topic fascinates me greatly and sure, I have my own biases, but I feel as though I could be pretty darn objective.

But my job right now can't get much better. Sure there are issues there (where aren't there?) but the benefits are too many to count. When working for a newspaper, I was doing all kinds of stories (news, feature, etc.) every day, which I loved. Working for a magazine, however, the pace is much slower. You have more time to dig deeper, to get to know people a little better, to get more of their story. And for this particular magazine - I share a common tapestry with all of them.

In college, a friend told me that I always got too attached to my stories. I guess I still do. Which makes it that much harder when tragedy hits the "subjects." Today I learned that one of the liveliest women I've ever met - and one of my favorite interviews in how many years - has weeks to live, at best - her cancer has returned with a vengeance. Her children asked for extra magazine copies to display at her funeral.

Karen, thanks for welcoming so many to the Table of Plenty.


Anonymous Liss said...


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Blogger Aunt Cindy said...

She certainly will have a legacy to leave to her family.

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