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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Definitely NOT a Type D

Yesterday, I was reading about the personality type "D" in Newsweek, which is basically a personality that is anxious & shy (

That's definitely not me - I scored a 0 on their little test.

And I was reminded of how not-D that I am today while waiting an hour & 15 minutes in line in Hell (otherwise known as Verizon Wireless on Dressler Road - bye, bye lunch break!) when I started talking to the couple in front of me. During our conversation, I learned that he was 75, she is 67; he is retired, she works at St. Luke's (I'm not sure if it was the church, or the health care facility); they have an adult son and a daughter (their daughter lives on Woodlawn, their son lives in Jackson Township, they both have cell phones, and their daughter spends more than 1000 minutes per month on her cell phone); He's originally from Italy, and studied languages at a university in Rome; they spent a month in Italy this summer, but it wasn't nearly enough, and even the little kids have cell phones there; they also enjoy the Outer Banks of North Carolina; they're worried about the cost of heat this winter; he spends $200 per month in medicine.

But I forgot to ask them their names.


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