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Thursday, April 19, 2007

the day the squirrel went berserk

Yesterday, I had a few hours off work.

Of course it wasn't due to weather.

It was due to one little - now dead - squirrel. (photo complimentary of

This one:

(It's fried in the picture already - looks like it's been to a taxidermist or something!)
Anyway, this critter had chewed through wires, shutting down the power to the entire campus and even two sets of traffic lights near the post office!
It happened at about 8 a.m. I had an off-campus meeting at 8:30, and when I came back at 9:30, it still wasn't on. So our VP said that we could go home & come back at 1, when power was expected to return to our building. Power actually came back on at 11, but no one had called me, so I didn't get back until 1.
RIP little squirrel!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! This is something I can appreciate for that is TOO funny and OH SO RANDOM.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How in the world did someone get a picture of the squirrel that caused all the problems??

Congratulations!!! I haven't checked your blog in a while, but got the update you are pregnant! How exciting!!

11:01 AM  

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