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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

God's Justice

Some friends from Malone read a book together almost every summer, and this time I'm joining them. They are an amazing group of the people - and it's an amazing book (so far!).

We're reading Gary Haugen's The Good News About Injustice. Haugen is the founder of International Justice Mission, a group that is phenomenal. And so relevant to what I believe is an area with which God is calling me to be more involved. Heck, not just me - anyone who will listen ;)

So... we ask each other questions that make my head and my heart hurt, and get me out of my own little world. It's so easy to be self-involved, especially these days, because for some reason I seem to be getting so much attention lately... .

Anyway... my fellow bookworms - here's a book if you wanna get your heart broken & your eyes opened.


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